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Tones and Definition

The game is flowing poetry.

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I realize that it has been two weeks since the ABL Finals ended, which makes it two weeks since this article should have come out, but then again, I have a day job and to capture all of the things going on in these games takes so much time. This is the ending of a season, and after I had been following this league for the whole season, I wanted to go out on a high note.

The fun thing about following the league for the whole season is that as the season climaxes at the Finals, you will have known all the subplots that will be unveiling itself in these final stages. it’s fun enough to just go out there and enjoy the game, but the entertainment level kind of reaches a whole new level when you know that:

and that’s just a small part of what’s going on. Everything is boiled down to this moment and we all get to see how it turns out.


Hi-Tech just simply ran by the KL Dragons in Game 1 and here are few main points how that all happened:

As I covered already in a VIDA Tote Bag Leopard on Deco by VIDA X5HsA5
, I had Avery Scharer pegged as the World Import MVP of this year’s ABL season. As you all know by now, the ABL announced Chris Charles as the ABL 2014 World Import MVP (and deservingly so). It sent the ABL fans (mostly Dragons fans) in a mini rage throughout the social netwok, questioning how a guard who was a threat to get a triple double in every game on the team with the best record in the league did not win this award. I, myself, was bewildered a bit with this award as I had felt that this was one of the easiest award to get right.

Maybe Avery expected to get this award as well, and maybe that got to his head a little bit. Scharer played arguably his worst game of the season at possibly the worst time and stage ever.

One might point to his field goal percentage (29%) and say that he shot poorly which wouldn’t be correct as that is very abnormal from his season average of 45%, but that’s not why I rated Scharer’s performance in this game so poorly.

The fact is that Scharer wasn’t playing his usual game was the reason that left a bad taste in my tongue after seeing him dominate the league so efficiently.

Do you pepper your dialogue tags with adverbs? Do you have to make your character’s clear, just in case the reader didn’t get it from the dialogue? This is not a good habit.

What is a dialogue tag?

Dialogue tags tell us when a character is speaking. They are every ‘he said’ and ‘she asked’ in the books you read and write.

They are important, because they tell us who is speaking. Readers do not like to be confused and you do not want them to lose interest and stop reading.

They are also useful when you want to:
Break up long pieces of dialogue.
Create or cut tension.
Insert an VIDA Statement Clutch Blue black by VIDA ZmK66zzln
or a reaction.
Add body language.
Give us an idea of your character’s rhythm of speech.
Good writers make these tags disappear into the story. They do not litter their writing with detracting synonyms for ‘said’, like ‘urged’, ‘whispered’, ‘uttered’, ‘exclaimed’, and ‘grunted’. (I’m even cringing as I write them.) They do use these, but they do so sparingly.
Just as importantly, they stick to ‘said’ and ‘asked’ without over-indulging in adverbial abuse.
What are adverbial dialogue tags?

Beginner writers love adverbs of manner. They especially love using them in dialogue tags. You’ve seen the trashy fiction filled with those ‘–ly’ adverbs that tell us how we should think or feel instead of allowing the words spoken by the characters, and their actions, to show us what is happening.

An adverbial dialogue tag is when an adverb modifies the verb we use to denote dialogue. For example, ‘he said ‘, ‘she said ‘, ‘they asked ‘.

When you tell us how somebody says something, you take the power away from their spoken words. If they say something ‘angrily’ or ‘gently’, their VIDA Statement Bag St Pete beach by VIDA B0ELXnjL
and emotions become less important because of these ‘telling’ words.

We also tend to concentrate less with VIDA Leather Accent Tag Southwest Tag by VIDA zjnRE1R37
writing. And adverbs and adjectives are notorious for their ability to clutter up a page.

If we create vivid characters with distinct voices and clear motivations, we do not need that many adverbs in our dialogue tags. Our characters words and actions will show us what they mean.

This does not mean we should avoid adverbial dialogue tags altogether. We can still use them if they offer us an effective way to show an action or an emotion without interrupting the flow of the story. For example, ‘she said curtly’ is better than adding a long sentence that includes actions and body language to show that she is being curt.

So before you write your next ‘warily’, ‘guiltily’, or ‘harshly’, think about whether or not you need it to be there.

Happy writing.

It’s like having to make a whole new mold from scratch each time you want to produce a new toy.

What the designers of Ring did was to decompose the problem , analyze its properties , and find existing parts that had those properties . "HTTP headers? Well, they’re just String keys to String values , per the HTTP spec. That would be perfectly represented by a hashmap." etc, etc. And when it is a hashmap, you can use all of the existing functionality of hashmap for free. Let me say that again: the headers hashmap works with all code that works with hashmaps : standard library code, your existing code, external libraries, and all future code.

decompose the problem analyze its properties find existing parts that had those properties headers hashmap works with all code that works with hashmaps

The Ring interface

There’s a lot more to say about composition and composable parts. But this is getting long now, so I’ll wrap it up. Just know that in Clojure, the standard library is full of these kinds of parts . They do one small thing, they do it well, and they have a standard interface. Like Lego bricks. Sometimes you can build your entire system out of the existing parts in core.

the standard library is full of these kinds of parts

This aesthetic of building reusable components pervades the Clojure community. Not everything works this way, but a lot does. So very often you’ll find you can use someone else’s library. And sometimes you need to make new parts yourself. If you make them small and reusable, they will serve you well for a long time.

If you make them small and reusable, they will serve you well for a long time.

If you like this line of thinking and want to learn more about how you can build composable parts, you should join the VIDA Leather Accent Tag The Arrival AT by VIDA R6SLRE
. It’s a step-by-step guide to learning professional Clojure, delivered with video lessons, screencasts, exercises, and more.

Thanks to for this great example.

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